Our Clients

Intentional. Hard-working. Inspirational. CWM clients may come from diverse backgrounds and circumstances, but these shared characteristics – and a commitment to helping their families and others live richly – form the common thread that weaves their stories together.   

We are continually inspired by the quality of the lives our clients build through passion, discipline and purpose. Connecting with the why behind their lifestyle and financial goals is what motivates us every day. 

Read on for our clients’ compelling accounts of becoming an Ironwoman at age 52; leaving a dream job in aerospace engineering to fulfill a larger dream of raising a family in the Northwest; prudently transforming a schoolteacher’s salary into a retirement of world travel and philanthropy; and more.  

What's Your Why?

We’d love to hear your ideas of living richly and the why behind your goals. Schedule a complimentary, introductory phone call with our team.