Tailored, Strategic,
Wealth Management

At CWM, we partner with our clients to provide fully comprehensive, client-focused investment planning and implementation to help busy, thoughtful investors live for today while building for tomorrow.


Personalized Guidance for All Types of Wealth

Whether you’re saving for your kids’ college, purchasing a house or investment property, or aspiring to a work-optional lifestyle, CWM will work with you to develop a truly customized financial plan to help keep you and your family on the path towards pursuing your lifestyle goals. We are mindful of the distinct priorities that emerge at each stage of life and align your plan’s goals and risk tolerance accordingly.

Budgeting and lifestyle planning:

  • Charitable giving
  • College funding
  • Insurance planning and asset protection
  • IRAs and SEPs
  • Options strategies
  • Portfolio management
  • Employer sponsored retirement (qualified) plans
  • Tax strategy and coordination with tax advisors

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Stewarding Estates and Legacies Across Generations

Through mindful, holistic planning and experienced implementation, we are here to help make the wealth transfer process as seamless as possible, while ensuring your estate goes to the people and organizations you care about. Our comprehensive estate planning strategies, in coordination with legal experts, help ensure that legacies can continue for generations. In the event of a loss, our experienced counselors are here to assist client family members and heirs in navigating complex financial and administrative processes during one of life’s most difficult times.

  • Elder issues
  • Estate and wealth transfer planning and implementation
  • Estate settlement and counsel to heirs

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Sometimes Business is Personal, Too

For entrepreneurs and business owners, we apply our comprehensive analysis to your organization and identify strategies for strengthening both business and personal financial health.

  • Employer sponsored retirement plans 
  • Insurance planning
  • Profit sharing
  • Succession planning
  • Tax strategy

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Empowering Investors with Professional Guidance

CWM offers added value beyond helping you pursue your financial goals. From providing in-depth risk analysis to access to a sounding board of industry experts, we equip clients with tools for success.

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What's your idea of

Financial Freedom?

CWM has the right blend of services to support your singular definition of “Living Richly”. Let’s explore your vision and discuss strategies to help guide you forward.

Plan Intentionally

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