Data-Rich, Model-Driven Investments

When we talk about your Real Returns, we’re referring to the risk-adjusted return necessary for you to achieve your goals. Put simply, at CWM we believe that capturing all of the “up” is not as important as avoiding all of the down.

For many clients, our recommended approach is not focused on gathering as many assets as quickly as possible – an ideology that can leave portfolios vulnerable to significant market-driven losses. Rather, our goal is to intentionally invest in a way to sustainably maintain your assets and/or increase buying power over time.

Building on this core philosophy, we’ve developed a model-driven planning process and proprietary algorithm that seeks to target the Real Return that most accurately aligns with each client’s individual objective and life stage:

    • Accumulationmost common among younger adults building their portfolios and rising in their career of choice;
    • Preservation and protection of an established portfolio built through hard work and prudent saving; and
    • Thoughtful distribution of assets once a client chooses to retire. 

    Performance Targeting System®

    At the heart of our methodology is CWM’s Performance Targeting System (PTS®), our proprietary algorithm designed to manage risk and minimize volatility through market fluctuations. PTS®, paired with our in-depth planning process, takes into account individual client risk tolerance and life stage, along with market valuations and other metrics to forecast potential outcomes and target Real Returns for our clients.

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    See Real Returns

    In Action

    Did you know that 50 - 30 = 5? When it comes to investment returns, that’s true – and it illustrates one of our core tenets: limiting large losses is more important than participating in all of the gains.

    For example, an investor who starts with $100,000 and achieves a 50 percent gain, but then suffers a loss of 30 percent, walks away with $105,000. But if the same investor gains 25 percent on the original $100,000 and then loses only 15 percent, he or she nets $6,250 – an extra $1,250 with reduced volatility.

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    Rates of return above are for illustrative purposes only and are neither guaranteed nor implied. Actual rates of return will be based upon the actual performance of selected investments. Taxes and fees are not a consideration in the illustrated returns. 

    Target your Real Return

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