Data-Rich, Model-Driven Investment Strategies

At CWM, our focus is to help you intentionally invest in a way that will achieve your financial and lifestyle goals.

    We talk often about your Real Returns, or the risk-adjusted return necessary for you to achieve those goals. Put simply, at CWM we believe that capturing all of the “up” is not as important as avoiding all of the down. But how we apply that philosophy depends on many factors distinct to each individual and family.

    We’ve developed multiple investment models that target the Real Return to align with each client’s individual objectives, tolerance for risk, preference for how they want to experience the market, and their life stage. Investors can choose any number or combination of our data-driven models for their portfolios:

    • Risk-Adjusted Models are defensively positioned to preserve lifestyle and income. This is the model longtime CWM clients know and love, perfect for those in retirement and the distribution stage of their investing journey.
    • Wealth Accumulator Models are positioned to capture market upside in a more traditional investment strategy that works best when time is on your side. It’s most common among younger adults building their portfolios and rising in their careers. More established investors who desire a level of static market exposure also appreciate this model as part of their blended portfolio.
    • Tactical Allocation Models aim to strike a balance, offering growth potential for an established portfolio, with constraints around risk to protect against market extremes.
    • The Global Allocation Model is designed to capitalize on market conditions and offers the most flexibility to dial up risk and reward, pursuing opportunities wherever they may exist. 
    • Extended Savings makes the most of current high interest rates and offers a savvy saving strategy.

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      Performance Targeting System®

      At the heart of our methodology is CWM’s Performance Targeting System (PTS®), our proprietary algorithm designed to manage risk as the market fluctuates. PTS®, paired with our in-depth planning process, takes into account individual preferences and needs, along with market valuations and other metrics to forecast potential outcomes and target Real Returns for our clients.

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