Game of Unknowns
While trade tensions with China have flared up once again, it remains in both countries’ interest to come to a mutually agreeable outcome. Uncertainty about the timing and structure of a future deal will likely result in continued bouts of market volatility, which may also create investment opportunity. Read more »
Extreme Sounding Board - Cutting Horse
In acting as a sounding board, CWM advisors ask questions and dig into the numbers to help clients determine for themselves if it may be the right time and opportunity for them to do everything from purchasing a second home, to financing the kids’ college, to determining if their brother-in-law’s investment tip makes for reasonable diversification. When we say any question or situation, we mean it. Take this inquiry we recently fielded from a client interested in an investment vehicle that’s as non-traditional as they come: a champion cutting horse mare, or female horse, with the potential to produce highly valuable offspring. Read more »
2018 IRA Contribution Reminders
A few reminders for clients regarding your 2018 IRA Contributions. Read more »
Boy… That Escalated Quickly
When investors went to bed on September 20th, 2018, the United States stock markets were at all-time highs and for many the immediate future seemed bright and sunny for domestic stock markets. Those same investors woke up just 95 days later (December 24th) to an S&P 500 stock index that had fallen almost -20%1 from that all-time high. Read more »
Year-End Charitable Giving: There’s a strategy to writing that check
Nonprofits know that one-third of annual giving occurs in December – and for good reason. In addition to supporting worthy causes, many of us take those final steps to reduce our taxable income by giving to a registered nonprofit designated as a 501(c)(3). Read more »
The Price of Prudence
Most financial advisory firms preach the virtues of investing with a “buy and hold” mentality, which is very similar to the emerging investment trend of “low cost indexing” being popularized across the internet. The general idea of both of these investment philosophies is simply to diversify your investments across a variety of different asset classes and then to hold-on regardless of what occurs in the market place; with the latter also placing strong emphasis on cost control. The biggest benefit of these strategies is that an investor will always participate in all market growth, but they will unfortunately also get all of any loss that occurs as well. Because of this full participation both upwards and downwards, these strategies have produced one heck of a roller coaster ride for investors over the last 20 years. Read more »
Current Risks Create Future Rewards: A Debt Story
Recent Federal Reserve rate hikes and balance sheet tapering has resulted in substantially tighter borrowing conditions. This will likely make it harder on those surviving on cheap debt and creates opportunity for those able to benefit from now higher interest rates. Read more »
Honoring Linda McCormack
Many clients and friends are aware that in mid-February, our beloved Linda McCormack lost her battle with terminal cancer. Linda was really family to many of us in the office - a best friend, a surrogate auntie, and just a general ambassador of goodwill to everyone she came across. Many people cared about her and have conveyed a wish to say goodbye and honor her in some way. We have discovered what we believe to be a perfect way to honor Linda... Read more »
The good steward does not pin his success to hope and randomness. Instead the good steward intentionally develops a process that is focused on how best to provide a positive outcome for the owner. Read more »
Greed is (NOT) Good
When it comes to long-term financial success, our own greed is often one of the biggest threats. Proper investment management requires prudent risk taking, but also prudent risk mitigation, which occasionally requires us to check our greedy temptations. Read more »
9 Science-Backed Benefits of Gratitude
Over the years, one thing I’ve noticed about our most grounded and successful clients is that many of them, while having aspirations for tomorrow, have tremendous gratitude for today. There’s been a lot of buzz around terms like happiness, fulfillment, etc. and I (I’m sure like many of our readers) have often reflected upon how I can strike a better balance between work, family, community, and other sometimes conflicting priorities. How do we get it all done, and hit our goals, while maintaining at least some semblance of happiness and sanity? Read more »
2017 IRA Contribution Reminder
A few reminders regarding your 2017 IRA contributions. Read more »
Chocolate “No Bake” Cookies
This recipe was contributed by CWM team member, Heidi Morisset. Read more »
We No Longer Fear the Boogeyman
Even the mighty investment universe must heed the law of reversion to mean. Outliers cannot carry on forever and the greater the abnormality, the more likely the reversion will be fast and violent. Read more »
Natural disasters can strike at any moment, and they generally leave a trail of destruction in their path. Rest assured, we have a plan to make sure that we are able to care for our clients and continue servicing them. Read more »
You’re on Your Own
Many Americans are facing what experts consider to be a retirement crisis in the coming decades, meaning we have to prepare for the future today. Read more »
Are Bonds a Dangerous Investment? –Revisited
Many people are once again becoming worried about bond related assets due to the talking heads in the mainstream media discussing how we are entering a rising rate environment, which is expected to be terrible for bond investments that are thought to suffer during such times. Before we all panic and sell out of our bond holdings, let’s consider the historical perspective. Read more »
A Wealth of Legacy
An estate plan should take a panoramic view of your situations, your goals regarding your own health and well-being, the duties of care-taking of dependents, the likelihood that you are going to be passing assets on to your children, grandchildren, churches or charities, and a host of other questions that arise. Working with an attorney and a financial advisor to develop an estate plan, will help you put together the legal documents and framework to help ensure your estate is passed on to your heirs in the most efficient and beneficial way possible. Read more »
Case Study: The Gift That Keeps on Taking
As you’ve probably heard us say time and time again, the only constant in all of this is “change”. Ever-changing laws and regulations require regular review of financial and legal documents to implement necessary updates. Read more »
Bad Things Happen at High Valuations
There is no lack of geopolitical drama right now with war in Syria, tensions with Russia, potential war in North Korea, French elections that may usher in the end of the EU, and of course continued political turmoil here in the United States. Because I am an optimist, none of those situations worry me too greatly since I have staunch faith in human ingenuity and the basic will to survive. What does concern me, from an asset management perspective, is that there appears to be a rising chance that some calamitous geopolitical event may occur, in addition to the fact that corporate earnings topped out in 2014, the Federal Reserve has started raising rates, and US based stock markets are trading near all-time highs. Read more »
Emotions Can Wreak Havoc on Your Financial Success
Keeping a long-term perspective and minding our own economy sounds nice, but how do we do it in practice? Read more »
Trump’s Impossible Task
Throughout Trump’s campaign, time and time again, he talked about how manufacturing jobs had been shipped overseas. The need to fix this problem became a foundation of his campaign for president of the United States. Let’s examine the reasoning behind why these manufacturing jobs have left. Read more »
2016 Tax Time Checklist
Read This Before You File! We've compiled a list and description of the documents you or your CPA will need to prepare your taxes. Read more »
Every Little Thing is Going to be Alright
This time of year is often a bit stressful for asset managers as it is a popular time for everyone to put out their market forecasts for the coming year. This usually includes what they think will happen or won’t happen; and by the end of the year they are almost inevitably at least half wrong. Here at CWM we try not to make market forecasts (though it does happen), but we do look at the probabilities of outcomes to determine the likelihood of negative future events. Read more »
IFG’s Elite Advisor of the Year: Brian Lockett
How living under the stairs after college drove him to the ultimate success. Read more »

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