Investing In Professional and Personal Passions

As a motivated and passionate entrepreneur, you’ve dedicated yourself to thoughtfully building your business. What began as a nugget of inspiration has blossomed into a successful venture, and you’re looking for the right partner to support you in financial planning and wealth management so you can focus your time and resources on your thriving business. While you’re conquering the complex landscape of entrepreneurship, CWM’s team of experienced advisors will work with you to build a solid financial foundation that offers the freedom to take risks and pursue loftier goals.

CWM’s Approach

Clients who manage their own business can count on CWM to serve as a strategic advisor in financial and business planning. We’ll apply our comprehensive analysis and recommend strategies for strengthening both business and personal financial health.

Our proprietary approach is aimed at protecting and preserving the assets entrepreneurs have worked so diligently to build, while identifying ways to potentially bolster your earnings in preparation for future endeavors. For any stage and lifestyle goal, CWM serves as a trusted fiduciary advisor, providing professional consultation to inform and implement a personalized strategy for you.

* Comprehensive Wealth Management, LLC does not offer tax or legal advice. Please consult your CPA or attorney for specific tax or legal questions.

Comprehensive Offerings
Tailored Financial Plans

Learn more about CWM’s comprehensive services and our purposeful approach to financial planning and wealth management for emerging and established professionals. Our methodology is designed to manage risk and minimize volatility, driving Real Returns to support your key objectives.


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A Commitment to
Our Clients

At CWM, we are committed to creating a purposeful, high-touch experience for our clients. As a fiduciary, our decision-making process is always designed around our clients’ individual needs and goals. We are proud to serve as your holistic, strategic partner in financial and lifestyle planning.

Sue Thorning, Senior Account Administrator