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Shilo M. Lockett Shilo M. Lockett Shilo M. Lockett

“Being with horses has taught me quite a bit about leading an organization,” said Shilo Lockett, President and Member of CWM.“When you come down to it, you can't force a 1,500 lb. animal to do what you want - it's about partnership and communication. The same principles apply to working with people. You have to be calm when you're working with horses, no matter what your day has been like. To me, riding is like yoga.” 1

Shilo holds the reins of daily operations at CWM and provides strategic leadership, planning, and broad executive management to achieve the firm's strategic objectives. She develops industry partnerships and client communication programs, such as workshops, newsletters, and mailings, manages strategic operations and training for the CWM team members, and oversees the integration of new services and technology. She takes extreme pride in the CWM team's fiduciary responsibility to their clients and her goal is to continually improve the client experience and provide the highest-level of client service.

Shilo joined the CWM team in August of 2003 and has been instrumental in the firm's development over the last 13+ years. She graduated from Washington State University with a B.A. in Decision Sciences and minors in English, Management, and Psychology and started her career in the hospitality industry creating e-commerce and promotions for high-end boutique hotels and conference centers. In addition to her duties at CWM, Shilo has served as a Board Member for Volunteers of America: Western Washington, the Rotary Club of Lynnwood, and the Sno-King Youth Club and actively supports Washington State University (where her husband serves as a trustee), PAWS (Progressive Animal Welfare Society) and the Edmonds Community College Foundation

Shilo currently resides in Bothell with her husband, their adorable sons, and two aging canines. She enjoys volunteering, cooking, gardening, horseback riding, snow shoeing and primarily just spending time with friends and family.


PXT Select™ Expert Practitioner Certification

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1 Although Shilo's horse "Pester" passed away from cancer in early 2012, she continues to attribute key components of her leadership and parenting style to what she learned through her riding. Her new hobby is raising her boys and she hopes someday to have the opportunity to ride again.

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