What do you need most on your retirement journey?

Are you planning for retirement? Congrats! With retirement comes an abundance of opportunities, and challenges, ranging from figuring out how to maintain cash flow in retirement to choosing a trusted financial advisor who can accompany you on this journey.

When you choose CWM, you gain a trusted advisor to help you navigate your unique financial picture, and you also gain much more. Here’s how we’re different:

Our proprietary investment algorithm sets us out from the pack, guiding our investment decisions to help our clients reach their goals

We know no singular financial picture is the same, which is why we’ve created a thoughtful, tailored planning experience for people of all life stages and backgrounds to ensure their unique needs are met

Not sure what you need help with? Our talented team and breadth of services, including estate planning, business planning, and personal wealth management, means we’re here to help, even if you don’t know where to start. We're the right fit for anyone seeking to gain knowledge about financial planning, regardless of what stage of life you're in.

It can be challenging to coordinate all of the moving parts of retirement – from estate planning to working with tax professionals, we have a trusted network to help ease your burden

Lastly, we’re registered fiduciaries, meaning we follow strict guidelines and are obligated to put our clients’ needs first.

At Comprehensive Wealth Management, we take pride in our understanding of our clients. With us, you can rest assured that we’re staying on top of the issues that matter most to you, including any important tax changes (like the WA Capital Gains Tax) or new laws (like the Long Term Care Act). We’re adept at helping individuals and families understand what savings strategies might be most meaningful to them.

Retirement Planning

Your Way

When considering retirement, there are a lot of words that come to mind. Relaxation. Luxury. Family-time. Success. Freedom. At Comprehensive Wealth Management, we understand that each client has their own goals toward financial independence and retirement, and we’re here to help.

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