Opinion: How to Invest Thoughtfully During Tumultuous Times

CWM's Chief Investment Officer, Morgan Arford, shared his investment wisdom and strategies with Puget Sound Business Journal in its February 2021 issue.

We all shouldered changes to our personal and professional lives in 2020, and uncertainty has continued into the new year. Throughout this turbulence, I've remained focused on the one thing that can provide clarity: data.

In my role as a data analyst, I'm constantly collecting and poring over information, both historical and present, to inform our investment strategy for our clients.

While we continue to wrangle with the shock waves of a pandemic, a new presidential administration and ongoing market uncertainty, it remains critical to rely on key market and behavioral indicators, rather than emotion or speculation, to steer investment decisions and remain disciplined.

Our team is concerned about the near-term outlook for stock markets based on a history of similar data conditions, which is leading us to lean defensively. Although it's clear that traditional risk-management techniques may be less effective presently, there are still smart way to protect your assets while also participating in upside if the markets rally for longer than expected.

To read my three key tips to help inform your approach to investing in 2021 and guide your long-term planning, CLICK HERE.

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