CWM Client Story: Meet Steve Milkis

Our clients inspire us every day by sharing their motivations to live richly, and no two clients are the same. For some, living richly is about making choices to live life on their own terms.

Meet Steve Milkis: The Naturopath

Former television executive Dr. Steve Milkis traded the sunny streets of Los Angeles for the cool beauty of the Pacific Northwest to follow his calling as a naturopath. Although his career has taken many twists and turns, he’s never once looked back. Today, he lives a balanced life aligned with his personal ideals and values as the sole practitioner and founder of Green Lake Natural Medicine, where he is dedicated to creating a holistic, patient-centric care experience and helping others find health and balance in their lives.

Read on here for Steve's full story about working on the hit television series “MacGyver,” creating his own osteopathic practice, and his passion for guitars and sailboat racing.

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