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Comprehensive Wealth Management (CWM) is a financial planning and investment management firm that specializes in allocating, protecting, and leveraging assets for executives, professionals, and small business owners throughout the greater Seattle and Bellevue area.

Founded in 2001 by Gary M. Arford (now retired) during a time when "fiduciary" and "team practice" were just buzz-words for most of the industry, the team at CWM prides itself in providing proactive and comprehensive advice, planning, and investment selection to fit the extensive and specific needs of clients. “I still believe this country is one of the easiest places in the world to build wealth,” said Gary. “And we can teach others the knowledge they need to achieve financial success.”

Gary was born dirt-poor on a small farm in southern Idaho and began investing at age 23. He only had $125 a month to invest, but a strong burning desire to create a comfortable lifestyle for his family and leave a legacy. Today, Gary has a multi-million dollar net worth and enjoys sharing the good life with his wife, friends, family, and clients. In fact, CWM itself is part of his legacy and is now operated by his next generation: son-in-law Brian J. Lockett, CFP®, son Morgan Arford, and daughter Shilo Lockett.

Before going out on his own, Gary cut his teeth in the banking industry. He began his financial career working for US Bancorp for 13 years as Senior Trust officer. He also served as Vice President and Manager of the Trust Real Estate Division, overseeing $850 million in assets. As Marketing Director at Colonial Life & Accident/UNUM for three years, Gary specialized in pre-tax spending plans and payroll deducted personal benefit plans. Gary’s extensive and diverse background helped to catapult him, as an independent financial advisor, to American Express Financial Advisors’ top-ranked new advisor in the U.S. in 1995-96. He directed his vast experience and expertise in leading complex organizations to developing a small but effective team at Comprehensive Wealth Management, who focus on providing clients with the highest level of client service, advocacy, and stewardship.

Developers of the Performance Targeting System® (PTS) investment strategy, CWM specializes in working to maximize performance and limit risk during highly volatile markets. An independent firm and beholden to no one, we have the entire array of investment tools and products at our finger-tips. Technology is also integral to our practice and we work to provide transparency by consolidating data from more than 57 custodians into streamlined and user-friendly reports  which help provide a complete and accurate picture of your entire client portfolio. 

More than data and expertise however, is the feeling you'll get when you walk in our door. Our team members are friendly, genuine, and truly care about the progress and goals of our clients and community. (Learn more about the CWM Team)

Together, we'll develop a unique comprehensive financial strategy to help you get what you want in life.

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