Honoring Linda McCormack

Dear clients and friends of Linda McCormack,

Many of you are aware that in mid-February, our beloved Linda McCormack lost her battle with terminal cancer. Linda was really family to many of us in the office - a best friend, a surrogate auntie, and just a general ambassador of goodwill to everyone she came across. While Linda was private about her illness, and did not want a lot of fuss while she was with us, many people cared about her and have conveyed a wish to say goodbye and honor her in some way.

We have discovered what we believe to be a perfect way to honor Linda and all the ways that she cared for everyone and everything around her. In addition to people and plant life, one of the things closest to Linda’s heart were her dogs, Rainflower and Miss Dotty being the most recent recipients of her love and care. She always seemed to find rescue dogs or house animals that truly needed that extra loving touch due to trauma, health issues, etc. She also seemed to have a homing beacon for strays, lost pets, or hurt wildlife and those discoveries led her repeatedly to PAWS (the Progressive Animal Welfare Society), where she took lost or injured animals, regularly gave funds, and often took part in the annual PAWS walk.

We have been in contact with representatives at PAWS and discovered that we can sponsor a kennel in Linda’s name – with a commemorative plaque – which will help house canines up for adoption in the coming years. We cannot think of a better tribute to Linda and many CWM team members and friends have already committed to take part. We’re working with PAWS to raise funds and make this sponsorship a reality. All funds collected will apply directly to the “Linda McCormack Sponsorship” for however many years we can collectively cover. A commemorative plaque, mounted on the kennel door, will read “For Linda Lou and her love of animals”.

Once the sponsorship is finalized, we will hold a brief memorial at the PAWS facility to commemorate the kennel and share fond memories of Linda (more details to come).

With the above in mind, IF we can raise enough funds, we can actually convert the sponsorship to purchase naming rights to an adoption room at the NEW PAWS adoption and wildlife rehabilitation facility, planned to open in 2020 (see a sampling of the amazing plans for this new facility). This would be an ambitious goal but an amazing gift that would allow Linda’s name to live on in perpetuity and help provide a space where orphaned pets can find their forever homes. To do that, Linda’s sponsorship would need the following or some combination of:

100 donors contributing an average of $1,000 each (TOTAL) paid over the next 3-years ($27.78/mo.)
- OR -
200 donors contributing an average $500 each (TOTAL) paid over the next 3-years ($13.88/mo.)
- OR
1,000 donors contributing an average of $100 each (TOTAL) paid over the next 3-years ($2.78/mo.)

Please note that PAWS also accepts matching gifts and your workplace may be on the list of those who will match your contribution, helping us all collectively get even closer to our goal.

We hope you can join us in honoring Linda. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me or to Sue if you have additional questions.

Sincerely and with gratitude,

Shilo M. Lockett

If you wish to make a donation:

First, the above is not a recommendation to contribute funds and no clients or friends are obligated to participate in any way.

Donations can be made anonymously, which can be specified when the contribution is made. If you wish to make your donation over a period of time (such as over 3-years), you can specify that as well.

All donations should be made directly to PAWS in one of the following ways:


You can make a donation online via this secure donation link, setup by PAWS specifically for this campaign.
By Check

Make the check payable to:    PAWS  

Memo Line:                             Linda McCormack sponsorship

Mail to:                                    Attn: Alicia Hull
                                               PO Box 1037
                                               Lynnwood, WA 98046

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