Christina Ybarra

Chief Compliance Officer

Christina, a.k.a. Chris, joined the CWM team in March of 2005. Chris is the Chief Compliance Officer and is responsible for developing and monitoring the firm's compliance program.

Chris has worked in the banking and financial industry for more than 20 years. She spent six and a half years as an assistant manager for Washington Mutual, and during her employment with them, was exclusively selected to go to New York to help facilitate the conversion of Dime Bank to Washington Mutual. 

Outside of Work

Chris lives in Brier and enjoys cooking, gardening, camping and long walks on the beach with her husband and their two boxer pups.


WA State Insurance License 

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After a long week at the office, I love to get away to the ocean and walk on the beach with my husband and our dogs. It recharges me every time.

- Christina Ybarra

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