Living Richly

We at CWM are often asked, “Who are your clients?”  We love answering that question.  However, we realize we couldn’t possibly capture all the fascinating people we work with and the things they’ve done in one conversation.  That’s when we got the idea for a series we are calling “Living Richly” in which our clients tell their stories in their own words.

Our CWM team is regularly inspired by how richly our clients live their lives.  We don’t necessarily mean “money rich.”  We mean quality of life rich, a quality of life that goes far beyond what is in your bank or investment account. 

We are sharing the stories of our clients’ lives because they motivate us every day.  Our hope is that these stories will also inspire you – and that you’ll be able to relate in some part to the backgrounds, aspirations, or obstacles faced by clients like you.

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